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You probably know how you would like to be taken care of when the time comes that you are unable to take care of yourself. You may have even told your kids that you would like to stay at home as long as possible. It is also likely that you have completed a Medical Power of Attorney and Statutory Durable Power of Attorney. It is almost guaranteed that none of what you would like to have happen or what you have told your kids is documented in those Powers of Attorney. This is the most common reason that we see adult children disagree when incapacitation comes upon Mom or Dad. The kids want to do what Mom or Dad would want, but they cannot agree on what exactly that is. At the Law Office of Justin Baker, we take the time to add instructions in your documents that outline exactly what you want to have happen in a variety of circumstances. This takes the guesswork out and makes decisions much easier for your caretakers during an already stressful time for them. Through our experience, we know the questions to ask and help you determine the that answers that are best for you and your family.

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