Legal & Finance

Proper legal preparation is a key component to proper financial preparation

Spanning across industries and family situations our personal and in-depth legal preparation ensures continuity of business and family lifestyle.

Family Planning

The best possible outcome for your estate is to make it last beyond your life and into future generations. Our approach comes from experience!  In working with people from different backgrounds, unique family situations and distinct goals we know what modifications are needed and that cookie cutter documents are not the answer.

Our experience is real-world and not just theory.  It affords us the knowledge to provide a review of your estate needs in a simple and straightforward fashion.  Estate planning is not simple.  We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify its complexities, outline your choices, and guide you through the process to create your best possible plan.

Estate planning is MORE than just a Last Will & Testament. Our comprehensive estate plans consider, not only, the inevitable succession of interests after death; but just as importantly accounts for the probability of changes in life’s circumstances. Effective estate planning takes into consideration property, minor children, special needs children, blended families, spousal remarriage, healthcare wishes, healthcare decision makers, religious beliefs, incapacitation, long-term care, burial wishes, business interests and even retirement planning.

Business Planning

As a business owner you are presented with unique legal needs. Regardless of industry or size every business needs to establish themselves as legal entities. This requires identification of the most advantageous entity formation and the subsequent documentation filing to ensure 100% compliance. In addition, further legal processing is required when it comes to the governing documents, service agreements and succession planning.   

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